How To Play Pokemon

So to play Pokémon you need a 60 card deck, you can find many deck lists on YouTube and competitive decks can also be found on limitless tcg.

You can start to learn the basics from playing online or with a starter deck. Now each deck is built of so many Pokémon, trainers and energy cards but you will need to look at consistentes so you can draw cards when needed. I like to have speed in my decks and I think speed is the key in most decks.

When you have found a type of Pokémon you want to play it’s easy to build around that card and decide what you want to put in to the deck, that’s the difficult bit building the deck to play with as we lose cards each year from rotation so you do need cards for decks but sometimes we do get to see them reprinted in later sets.

when the deck is built you can attend local shops that hold what we call a league where you can sit and play and try your deck out so you sit down with an opponent and shuffle your deck I normally do it about 8 times for my own to make sure it’s randomised properly you then need to flip a coin to see who goes first.

depending on the deck your playing you might want to go second I like going first so I can evolve on my second turn. When decided who goes first and who’s going second you both draw cards until you have 7 in your hand. if you have a basic cards in your hand you get to decide which one will be your active Pokémon, I like putting jirachi into my active if I have that to start with as I can use its ability when the game starts.

If you or your opponent does not have a basic Pokémon it’s called a mulligan so you shuffle your hand back into your deck then draw 7 and you repeat this process till you get a basic Pokémon. After you’ve both got a basic you need to put your 6 prize cards out after this you or your opponent gets to draw an extra card for each mulligan you’ve had or they’ve had you shake hands and begin the game every turn you draw a card from the deck and only get to attach one energy card a turn unless you play cards or use ability’s that let you attach more then one.

You can only play one supporter per turn as well unless you play a card called lt.surge strategy but you can only play this card if you have more prize cards remaining then your opponent. But there’s many different ways to win a game though. You can win a game by either taking all your prize cards which is the most efficient way of winning a game, of your opponent has no Pokemon left you win the game or if they have no cards left In the deck you win the game.

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