Card Of The Week

The card of the week this week is from cosmic eclipse Reshiram&Zekrom tag team GX. This card can be so powerful and can be partnerd with many other cards from previous sets.

This card has many different varieties from standard to expanded now I haven’t really tested it much in expanded yet but there’s still plenty of time for that. For standard you’ve got many ways to accelerate the energy’s Such as Welder, Tapu Koko Prism, Rayquazza GX and Nagadel are the most preferable ways to play this deck but I came across a deck at the weekend where they played nuzzle Pokémon. It got me thinking of a way to accelerate energies even quicker then playing N’s resolve off beast ring and it also gives you other attackers this deck has much to offer in many versions.

If you’ve tested any of these varieties drop us a comment and let us know which version you profer and why you like that version.

That’s the card of the week let us know what you think has a potential to be a good card for card of the week and why you think it’s got the potential.

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